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Bobby Williams
ellenton FL 34222

"Mr. Williams is providing a service to our community that is a true gift. In just a few months, Mr.  Williams has already exposed our wonderful children to many positive learning experiences and hope. Our children are encouraged to be role models, just like Mr. Williams.  Together, they dream big about the future!" 

Dawn Palmore

Booker Elementary School Principal
​If we are to change a community, we must be deliberate about  impacting the lives of our youth.  It is evident that we can and will make a difference when we recognize the importance of leaving a legacy. 
The Community Within is an organization that is purposeful in working to change the lives of this generation. It's programmatic services are facilitated in a manner that will not only impact this generation, but those to come. 
As a Principal in this great community,  I can certainly see the impact it has on my student leaders. Thank you Community Within for leaving a legacy for our children. 

Dr. LaShawn Frost
Booker Middle School Principal
My name is Ronnique Major-Hundley. I am a fifth grade teacher at Emma E. Booker Elementary School.  I am writing this letter in reference to The Community Within Mentoring Program.

I appreciate the fact that Mr. Bobby Williams makes periodic visits to come to school to check-in with the boys. This is the highlight of their day! They are so excited to share with me what their next activity will be and when it will take place. These boys share with me when they attend their tutoring sessions as well as who was in attendance! They are very proud that they have completed their work and are even able to assist their peers when needed.

Currently I have six young men who are a part of this group. Since these young men have joined the group, I can honestly say I have seen a change in four out of the six students. They have become more concerned about their social interactions with one another and their academic performance. 

The most important aspect that I can really appreciate is that Mr. Bobby is open to listening and working with the teachers when we have concerns and kudos regarding our shared students. He celebrates these young men and is even willing to speak with parents if the teacher is unable to get through to a parent. 

The Community Within Mentoring Program has made a significant difference (already) in the lives of the young men in my class. I really feel they will leave fifth grade with a better understanding of what a positive citizen is and and most importantly, how to be one. 

Fifth Grade Teacher      

Emma E. Booker Elementary School