Our regular schedule is every Tuesday from 6 to 7. 2016 was a good year for this organization and we’re looking to build and continue to grow in 2017. I would like to thank everyone for their time, their volunteer work and their commitment to everything that we’re doing. I would like for everyone to promote our organization to everyone you come in contact with.

We’re trying to do positive things and be the change we want this world to be, to that end The      Community Within has partnered with a local business that will refurbish computers to use for academic advancements. We now have computers available for our members. If you are in need of a computer and have internet access at home, please submit a request for review by our board members.

Computers will be used for a limited time to allow everyone access to a computer. Take advantage of these opportunities to advance your education. We only promised opportunities and resources, everything else given is because your earned it.

Thank you 
Bobby Williams

Weekly Tutoring

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